An Interview with me

Have a little read!! Was a fun little interview i did recently!!



2 Days at Fantasy Fest – Part 2

It had been a great start to my Fantasy Fest experience and i was keen for me fun, i stayed at the hotel and had a great time chatting with everyone and watching and taking part in some fun “adult” pool games! I managed to take 3rd place in the wet pussy contest….

I was starting to feel quite drunk and it was middle of the afternoon so i decided to head back to the ship to clean up and get changed ready to head out for dinner and the fun events of the parade that evening.

Hubby had finished work so able to come out for the evening which made the night just get better! I teased him in the cabin as i decided what to wear! I decided on a super sexy half cup corset, stockings and suspenders with a very tight, very sheer dress over the top. It wasnt in your face but if you looked closely then you definitely could see my nipples. I finished it off with a pair of killer heels. I felt amazing and hubbys inability to keep his hands off me suggested id picked the right outfit!

We headed to dinner in a lovely restaurant just outside of the hustle and bustle. When we had finished we headed to the main part of town where the parade was due to head down, the place was packed, so many amazing costumes being worn and some of the most amazing body painting id ever seen! I had a few flash backs to New Orleans as people were handing out beads for flashes lol i had spotted a few ship people so was doing my best to behave myself. We bumped into a few of my cast members in one of the clubs and partied with them for a bit, it was fun but i was wanting more. I had a few offers of fun parties but i wasnt overly sold on any of them. Then my husband whispered into my ear that we were leaving to go to a party…. i felt an instant tingle in my pussy.

We said our goodbyes and headed out of the club, the parade had started and we got to see some of the awesome floats go past as we made our way out of the downtown. We had been walking about 10mins and we arrived at a hotel close to the one id played at earlier. We got in and hubby spoke to the front desk who pointed us to the elevators. I kept asking him what we were going to do but he wouldnt tell me, he kissed me pushing me against the wall, driving his fingers into my now dripping wet pussy. I was so horny! The doors opened and we walked out, down a corridor and got to a door, he checked the room number on his phone and then knocked….

A very large black guy opened the door, he must of been about 6ft5 at least! He reached his hand out and it dwarfed my hand as he brought it to his mouth to give it a kiss, he told me i looked great and invited us in, as he opened the door i spotted, 1,2,3,4,5……6 guys all sat around in the quite spacious room all enjoying a drink, i entered the room and drew lots of comments from the guys, it became very clear that hubby had brought me here to be gangbanged by this group. They were all good looking guys, 4 black, 1 latino and 1 white guy, but they looked pretty young! I had not long turned 30, i still felt young but was very aware that these guys were young. They offered me a drink and we chatted a bit, they were in college and all part of the basketball team for their college, that explained their size! They were between 19-20yrs old. I was excited to show them how an experienced girl fucks! They told me they had gangbanged a few girls in college but never an “older” women, after my brain got over the fact they had called me an “older women” i decided to get the party started and see if they could keep up! I was determined to break these pups! I went to the restroom to freshen up and hubby laid down the rules to the guys, condoms to be worn, lube before anal, no marks to be left on me, if i say stop you stop. The normal rules for a new gangbang team!

I returned to the room minus my dress, the guys vocalizing their approval. I approached black guy 1 who had opened the door to me and i got on his lap and began kissing him, his hands instantly finding my ass. He picked me up a bit and began sucking on my nipples. I felt a few more hands start to touch my body and a finger started probing my very wet pussy. One of the guys picked me up and moved me to the middle of the room, he told me to get on my knees, lets call him BG2. He wasted no time releasing his cock from his shorts, it was as id come to expect from black guys, an impressively large cock, he grabbed my head and i took his cock into my mouth, he was big and still growing, i was enjoying the challenge. The other 5 guys had made their way over and also had their cock out stroking them toward my face, i pulled BG2 out of my mouth and turned to white guy and took his cock in my mouth getting him nice and hard, again a nice size cock, BG3 was next up, then BB4 and finally Latino. They were all now rock hard and i could feel the tension. I told BG1 to put a condom on and fucked me. He wasted no time and he laid on the bed, i moved over and climbed onto his cock, i kissed him as he eased his cock into my tight wet pussy, it felt great, his size filled me well. I began grinding on his cock and he met my movements with hard thrusts. My head was turned and latino had his cock in my mouth, i was loving life. I felt a hand rubbing lube into my ass, i knew what was coming, in went a finger, then a 2nd, a little finger fucking of my ass and then the fingers were replaced by a cock, i couldnt see the owner but he was nice and gentle, allowing me to get used to his size and used to being DPd. I started to grind the cock in my pussy again and that was all the encouragement they all needed as both guys back there started to pick up their speed and intensity, they were fucking me hard and i was moaning onto the cock in my mouth. I came hard, it never takes long when im having DP but this was quick, i screamed out as waves of pleasure ripped through my body, i was still shaking when the cock in my ass was removed, instantly replaced by another, who just went to town on me, i was still shaking, still on the high of the first orgasm when the 2nd hit me. By now i was giving the worst BJ in the world due to the sheer pleasure i was experiencing. He got the idea and removed his cock from my mouth. They guy in my pussy announced he was close to cumming so they both pulled out of me. I got on my knees again and BG1 pulled his condom off and shoved his cock in my mouth, maybe 20 seconds later he was pumping hot cum right down my throat, there was a fair bit and made me choke a bit, but i managed to swallow it all down. He moved away and i was picked up again and carried to the sofa where Latino was sat wearing a condom. BG3 was carrying me and placed me in Latinos lap with my back to him, latino put his cock in my pussy and fucked me hard for 30 seconds before pulling out and sliding into my ass, then BG3 got in front and slid into my pussy and went to town, these boys all liked it hard! They were again fucking me with skill and i had my 3rd orgasm, BG3 was replaced in my pussy by BG2 who fucked me for a while before abruptly pulling out ripping off his condom and cumming all over my belly and a bit of my boobs, i put on a show for him, scooping it off me and eating it. BG4 took over in my pussy and i had my 4th orgasm. I was screaming at them to fuck me hard, i was telling my hubby how great these guys were at fucking me, i was being very vocal and then white guy shoved his cock in my mouth haha

Latino in my ass started to buckle and i felt him filling his condom in my ass, his was kissing my neck as he came. It sent shivers down my spine! BG4 helped me off latino and then white guy picked me up, i wrapped my legs around him and he slid his cock into my pussy and fucked me, BG4 came over and slid into my ass, this was my first standing DP! I felt like a pornstar! I was watching myself in the mirror on the wall, 2 big young guys using my body, i could see their big cocks pounding me and bam my 5th orgasm struck.

There were still 3 guys left to cum and i was placed on my knees on the floor and the 3 of them wanked themselves and 1 by 1 covered my face and boobs with their cum, it was dripping all down my body. I felt like a good slut, id had 5 orgasms and made 6 guys cum, i was pleased with how the night turned out. The guys were all sat in various spots in the room and looked well and truly fucked!! I was proud, id worn out a team of young athletes!!! I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up a bit and put my dress back on. I thanked the guys and hubby and i left. We got to the elevators and once inside he passionately kissed me and told me how proud he was and how much he loved me.

It was still only about 1am and the street party was still in full swing!! I wasnt quite ready to call it a night and we ended up in a strip club next to the main street. It was heaps of fun and full of swingers, i ended up taking my dress off and doing a few dances on the main stage! At one point i was on the edge of the stage with various women taking it in turns to go down on me! I had spotted a few ship crew in the place but i was drunk enough not to care!

We were sat with 2 other couples, both from America and we were having a great time chatting to them, they asked if we wanted to join them in their hotel to keep the party going…. well who was i to say no! They were hotties and i was just getting started!

Part 3 to follow soon!!!!


2 Days at Fantasy Fest – Part 1

One of the amazing things about working on cruise ships is that every 3, 4, 5, 7 or maybe 10 days you get a whole ship full of new people! You got to meet people from all over the world, from all walks of life. Being in the performance industry I grew up respecting everyone for who they were. Ships really embraced this and i love them for it.

All the entertainment team were sat in the main lounge, we had just done the new passenger boat drill and the cruise director was discussing things ahead of us. He advised us that we had an upcoming nude cruise and that we would be docked in Key West Florida for 3 days for the passengers to attend Fantasy Fest…… i had to hide my sheer delight at this news!!! Fantasy Fest was on my to do list and i was going to get to go and without having to pay the insane Key West hotel prices!!!

Over the coming weeks we were all subject to “sensitivity” training to deal with naked guests!!! I was quite vocal in my “we have all seen naked people before” opinion, but with a crew from all walks of life i sort of understood.

The general opinion was that the whole ship would be full of older people embracing their nakedness. But id been to nude beaches and a few nude resorts around the world and knew this wasnt going to be the case, but again i played it low key.

I had jumped on a few swinger forums announcing that id be in Key West for Fantasy Fest and i wanted to party!! I got a great response and started planning how my time there would be spent!

Finally the nude cruise was here!!! Id made contact with around 100 people who were going to be on the ship for the week so that was super exciting. Home port day i spent the day in the mall making sure i had everything i would need for a fun week….. the look I got from the young man behind the counter at Walgreens when i put 100 condoms and 4 tubes of lube down was a particular highlight!!! His face went as red as i was hoping my pussy would be at the end of the week…..

I returned to the ship fully stocked and ready for the week ahead. We were at boat drill just as we were about to leave port, everyone had to be dressed until we were in international waters. I had a little pair of shorts on and a vest top and of course the extremely sexy lifejacket. I was getting a lot of looks from a few people in my muster station. At the end of the drill 2 couples approached me and asked if i was (my swinger user name) i said yes and they let me know who they were from the site, we made chit chat and i advised that i had to be very careful about playing on board but that i had some things planned for Key West. They understood but said i should join a group of them for drinks that night if i could. I said id try and went about my day. Now normally im pretty open to playing with the guests but i knew that security would be in overdrive this week trying to catch/stop passenger and crew hookups. So i knew id have to be really careful. I turned up at the nightclub that night, i decided to dress as to not draw any attention, just a pair of trousers that showed off my nice tight ass and a top that didnt show too much off. It seemed to do the trick with some of the lesser dressed crew drawing the security to them. I sat at the bar and a few moments later i was joined by the 2 couples from earlier and a few other people, they were all in various states of nakedness, i felt very dressed!!! We had a few drinks and a few hands wandered when no eyes were on us, but i just wasnt feeling brave enough, so i made my excuses and left the club.

We had 2 sea days leading up to docking in Key West, which considering we were travelling from Ft.Lauderdale just meant we were somewhere off the cost of florida sailing in circles while naked folks got a tan and spent money in the bars and casino!!!!

We finally docked in Key West on the morning of day 3. I had arranged to spend the bulk of the day with some of my online friends at a hotel downtown, giving me the chance to join the nakedness around a pool. I put on a very sexy, very see through wicked weasel bikini, with a little skirt and top over the top and headed off solo to meet my people. It had been a while since id been to Key West so i was enjoying remembering just how beautiful and awesome the place is, like seriously, if you have never been to Key West….. GO!!!!

It was only a 15 min walk and i was at the hotel. I was meet in the lobby by a guy id partied with previously and he took me to the pool area. I stripped down to my wicked weasel and got myself a nice frozen cocktail. I mingled with lots of people, it was nice to be free and around so many likeminded people. I was in the pool and a guy who was simply put, drop dead gorgeous swam over to me, we had a good chat and i found myself kissing him, his fingers went straight to my pussy and went to town on me. I asked him if he had a room and he said yes, he was here with his wife. We got out of the pool, he was naked and his cock was semi hard, it was not massive in length but oh boy it was fat!! I was looking forward to seeing it hard!! We walked over to where his wife was and i was introduced, she was sat with a bunch of people and she gave me a little kiss and him a wink and he led me off to his room. We hadnt even closed the door to the room and i was on my knees taking his cock in my mouth, i told him to leave the door open, it was a clear view from door to bed. I got him hard with my mouth and i was struggling to fit him in my mouth, he picked me up and threw me onto the bed, he pulled my bikini bottoms off and went down on me, i looked to the door and there was an older guy having a look at us. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the oral, he was pretty talented and my orgasm built, i came hard letting out a loud moan. I opened my eyes and he was rolling a condom onto his now very hard cock, there was now a little audience made up of 3 guys, all stood just inside the door stroking their hard cocks.

I got on all 4s and he wasted no time sliding his big fat cock into my dripping wet pussy, he was streching me and it felt great. He started slowly but kept building his pace, i was moaning loudly, his hips smashing into my ass. Another orgasm hit me and i gushed a little which seemed to encourage him, he just kept fucking me hard as wave after wave of orgasm ran through my body. My arms went weak and i fell forward but he kept going, it felt amazing!!! Then he finally stopped, pulled his cock out and ripped off the condom, he instructed me to kneel on the floor, i took his cock in my mouth briefly and then he wanked, he started to cum and shot an impressive amount of cum over my face and boobs….. he stood back and admired, there had been no talking the entire time and all of a sudden one of the watchers broke the silence asking if he could cum on me….. i nodded and he approached, i gave his cock a quick suck and then he wanked adding to the cum on my face and boobs. He had only just finished when the other 2 guys approached and almost instantly and pretty much at the same time added their loads to my face and boobs. The guys left and the pool guy handed me my bikini bottoms. My black bikini top now coated in cum, i adjusted it and was about to clean up, but pool guy told me he wanted to display me. So we left the room, my face dripping with cum, cum running down my chest. I got lots of fun comments from people. We found his wife and she pulled me onto her and kissed me, she began licking the cum off my face and then kissing me, sharing the cum between our mouths. It was very sexy and it drew cheers from on lookers. Once she had finished, i excused myself and went to the pool showers to clean up a bit. My bikini top still showing the stains of my fun!

Part 2 to follow…….


Miami Strip Club

Now as a dancer i have total respect for all genres of dance and pole/lap dancing is definitely included in that respect list. I have done a fair few pole dance classes and its one of the hardest workouts iv done! like seriously, if your looking to add strength to your core, book pole dance classes!!
I have visited a fair few strip clubs all over the world with friends and boyfriends and always had great fun, this particular night however I would never ever of predicted!

I was in Miami for a few days before joining a ship for a new contract and I was staying with my now hubby, who was working in Miami for a bit. We had been by the pool most of the day and slowly drinking the whole day, he was pretty wiped out after dinner and needed to head to bed. I stayed at the bar and continued drinking until last orders. I still wasn’t ready to call quits on my night and asked the bartender if anywhere was still open, he pointed me in the direction of a strip club just up the street.

So off i went, when i got in it was a pretty standard looking club, stage in the middle, seating around the place and a bar in the corner. I made my way to the bar and sat on a stool. It was quite busy in the main area but the bar was fairly quiet. I was wearing a little denim skirt with a little g-string on my bottom half and a bikini top and vest on my top half, so not dressed up, but i still felt good.

A few sips into my drink and a guy next to me ordering drinks made small talk with me, he was in with a big group of friends, they were all very smartly dressed and seemed to be having a great time, a few were sat getting lap dances, lots of empty beer bottles and shot glasses on their tables. When he found out i was there alone he asked if I wanted to join them, they seemed harmless enough so i thought what the hell and went and joined them. I was introduced to a few of them and lots of small talk ensued. Lots of talk about me being a dancer and me working on ships, they were all professional guys out for one of the groups 40th birthday. Most were sporting wedding bands. Everytime my drink looked to be running low they were quick to top replace it with a fresh one. I was having a blast. One of the guys asked if i wanted a lap dance, i said hell yeah and i picked out a super cute blonde girl, she was quite petite but had a wonderful set of boobs.

When she came over to me, she introduced herself as Georgia, she had an amazing southern American accent. She leaned in and whispered into my ear if i was happy to have a dance, i said yes, she then said am i ok to put on a show and again i said yes. By this point i could feel myself getting wet. She started the lap dance pretty standardly, grinding onto me and giving me a wonderful view as she removed her top. Now she was just wearing her g-string, she straddled me and grabbed the back of my head and moved my mouth to the nipple, i began sucking on a nipple which drew cheers from the guys who were now watching intently. I grabbed her ass as we did this and she was grinding into me. She moved off me and bent over in front of me and slowly peeled her g-string off exposing her pussy to me, still bent over she reached around and spread her ass and pussy, i badly wanted to dive in and eat both her holes but not knowing the rules i just sat there and watched, she was looking back at me as she slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy, i found myself opening my legs and pulling my skirt up a bit, i rubbed my pussy over my g-string, she smiled at me. She stood up and mounted my lap once more, this time kissing me, we made out very passionately and she groped my boobs. I looked around and the boys were all looking on very intently.

She broke off the kiss and again whispered into my ear, this time asking me if i was up for making some money. I was a bit confused, but I said sure and asked how. She told me to follow her. She told the boys that we would be right back and she led me off to the ladies restroom. She said that the group i was with had spent quite a bit of cash and they were well known in the club and given the right motivation would pay for a VIP backroom. Now i had no idea what that all meant and i think she sensed that and explained that if they were to pay enough then they could get a VIP room for them all plus her and me. She said she would split her fee with me if i could get them to pay for one. I asked what the rules were in the VIP room and thats when she told me that as long as consenting then anything could happen and no security watch on. I was really fucking horny at this point so I agreed to try and get the guys to pay for a VIP room.

I returned to the group and Georgia went to the bar. I sat down with the guy who id met first and i just said to him that if he and some of the guys wanted then they could get a VIP room plus Georgia and id come to, i said that id put on a full lesbian show with Georgia and if they were lucky id play with some of them too. It didn’t take much convincing, he huddled in with some of the guys and then went off to see the floor manager, in no time we were being directed up the stairs and into a fancy VIP room, the room had a few leather sofas around the outside and a large table in the centre. The manager brought in a few bottles of spirits and glasses. The guy i met at the bar, lets call him suit 1… he wasted no time, he sat down on a sofa and pulled me onto him and kissed me, his hands up my skirt and grabbing at my ass!! a moment later Georgia pulled me off him and led me to the middle of the room. She had the guys all take a seat, there were 11 in total, 3 per sofa.
She kissed me again and we made out passionately, she pulled my vest straps off my arms and undid my bikini top, she pulled away and pulled my top down exposing my boobs to the room, lots of whistles and comments were being made, then she got on her knees and lifted my skirt, she grabbed the waist of my g-string and peeled it down my legs exposing my dripping wet bald pussy to the room, once she had taken the g-string off me she leaned into my pussy and began kissing at my mound, he tongue finding my clit and i let out a loud moan, i could hear the guys but i had my eyes closed as she explored my clit. she stopped suddenly and removed my skirt. I was now stood in the middle of the room naked, 11 guys looking on as she started asking them what they wanted. She told me to get on my knees and this time I pulled her g-string down, once it was off she grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy, i went to town on it, lapping at her clit and my fingers probing at her pussy, she was very wet and tasted great. I couldn’t believe i was in a strip club eating a strippers pussy for a group of guys to see. she pushed my head away and laid on the table and then spread her legs wide for me, again i wasted no time in getting to work on her pussy, i was pretty much on all 4s easting her pussy and I heard her bark out some rules to the guys, she kept saying, lube and condoms, lube and condoms. I sort of knew what was coming yet still nearly jumped out of my skin when i felt a hand with lots of cold lube run over my pussy, she had my head held tightly to her pussy, i felt hands on my hips and i knew what was about to happen, a cock found my pussy and slid in. The owner wasted no time at all and went hard at my pussy. It felt great and i was moaning into her pussy. she realised her grip and i looked up and she had a cock in her mouth and a sea of cocks waiting to be sucked, i lifted my head slightly and a cock was presented to my mouth, i began sucking it and she was slid to the side and a guy started to fuck her.

I was being spit roasted on the floor, guy in my pussy was quite big and had been going hard for quite some time, i was impressed. The guy in my mouth was being quite rough trying to throat fuck me, i could tell he wouldn’t last long and i was proven right as he came deep into my throat, i managed to swallow the bulk of his load. He was quickly replaced by another guy. The guy fucking me finally gave out the familiar grunts close to cumming, he pulled out, ripped the condom off and then i felt a few shots of cum land on my ass.
He moved away and another entered me, i reached around to check he was in a condom and once i was sure he was i relaxed into the sex, he wasn’t very big but felt good, he also didn’t last long and he came into the condom inside me. I looked at Georgia and she was riding a cock on the sofa while sucking one. a guy pulled me up off the floor and led me to a sofa, he sat down and pulled me onto him, now this guy was hung, i gasped as he slid inside me. I was riding him and refused a cock aimed at my mouth as i wanted to focus on riding him, it felt amazing. Then i felt a guy rubbing my ass hole, or more to the point rubbing lube into my asshole. I looked around and the guy wasn’t too big so i told him to lube his cock, he rubbed a lot of lube over the condom, i stopped riding and spread my ass, he slipped his cock into my ass and slowly began fucking it, once i felt at ease i began riding the guy in my pussy, eventually the 3 of us finding a good rhythm and the 2 cocks slamming home into me, i came so hard, a body shaking orgasm.

I pushed the guy away who was in my ass and got off the guy i was riding, Georgia also climbed off her guy and joined me in the middle of the room, I told the guys we were done fucking but wanted to be covered in cum. We both got on our knees and the guys were wanking, id kiss Georgia and we were encouraging them. the first guy approached and came on our faces as we kissed. then they all started to cum, all aiming t 1 by 1 at our faces and boobs, we were covered in cum and were licking it off each other. the guys were cheering. Georgia told them the party was over and told them to leave, they got dressed and on the way out suit 1 handed me a wad of cash and a business card. Georgia and i sat there naked and a manager came in with some wet towels. we cleaned up and had a laugh about the events. i went to get dressed and realised my g-string and bikini top were missing! oh well, on went my skirt and vest, my boobs clearly visible through my top and me smelling of cum. I went to the bar with Georgia and she handed me half of what the guys had paid for the VIP session, i split the money suit 1 had given me with her and we did a shot. she gave me a quick kiss and i left the bar. I am sure the reception at the hotel knew id been unto no good when i got in!!
i got to the hotel room and woke my man up, i rode his cock as i told him about how naughty id been! it didn’t take long until he filled my pussy with cum and i feel asleep on him, dry cum all over me and cum leaking out of my pussy, the best way to sleep!!

So yes, thats the most eventful trip iv ever had to a strip club!!!


The Blue Bikini

During one of my contracts I found myself a really great group of friends, 3 guys and including me 3 girls. We would hang out most nights in the crew bar and then head to either my cabin that i shared with one of the other 2 girls or the cabin that 2 of the boys shared. We would play computer games and drink. It was great fun.

A few weeks into our close group bond, it came out that 1 of the boys and the girl that wasnt my roommate were now dating, that was cool and didnt really effect the group at all.

I was out in the nightclub one night with a few people from the cast and as normal was one of the last to leave, i went up to the lido deck for my fill of pizza before i headed to bed and bumped into one of the boys from my little group, he had been working late and was getting food. I was pretty damn drunk and still im not sure how it happened but we ended up in the lighting booth of one of the lounges making out and eventually fucking. He walked me to my cabin after and i fell asleep. As the weeks went by i found myself randomly hooking up with this guy, we kept it totally secret from the group and all was seemingly normal.

We docked in Cozumel Mexico weekly and as a group would always hang out at a hotel close to the dock, a smallish fee got us the all inclusive wrist band and we would eat, drink and swim to our hearts content.

I always wore a really tiny black gstring bikini, as a dancer i wasnt allowed visible tan lines while on stage so had to wear a gstring. My roommate was a singer and her costumes were just a bit less revealing so didnt have to worry about a white ass so she always wore a really nice blue bikini, she looked fantastic in it.

Now with 2 of our group dating, it left the 4 of us, me, my singer roommate, the guy i was fucking and the other guy. Well it was pretty clear that the other guy had a thing for my roommate, i would spot him staring at her and any chance he got to help her he would be all over it.

My roommate had a boyfriend who was on a different ship and she was very well behaved so i knew that the other guy really had no shot at all with her. I got along well with the other guy, he wasnt at all my type but we got along really well and of all the group i felt most at ease with him.

So we had been at the hotel all day, all of us a bit worse for wear on return to the ship, it was deck party that night and we all attended. It was a super fun night. We all went to hang in my cabin, the couple didn’t last long and left. Shortly after the guy i was fucking left due to an early start, leaving me, roommate and other guy. We chatted for a while and then roommate said she needed to go to skype her boyfriend. She picked up her laptop and off she went.

Almost as soon as she left the room, other guy unloaded to me about how into her he was and asking me if he had any chance. I think i broke his heart when i told him he had no chance at all. He kept talking about her and he kept bringing up how sexy she looked in the blue bikini. We were still drinking and i was finding myself getting to my horny drunk stage. I went to the bathroom and as i was sitting there i saw the blue bikini hanging to dry on the back of the door, not really sure why i did what i did next, but i stripped off and put the bikini on, a quick glance in the mirror and i looked good.

I opened the door and walked into the room, the guys jaw hit the ground, i think he was as confused as i was as to what was happening.

I told him that he seemed a little obsessed with the blue bikini so wanted him to be sure it was roommate and not just the bikini he wanted! I moved close to him and put on a bit of a show, i could see him fidgeting in his chair, he didnt know what to do, i could see he was attempting to hide his erection. I was really fucking horny at this stage so i went in for the kill, i started grinding on his lap giving him a lapdance, i could feel how hard he was. Finally he gave in and while i was grinding facing away from him, his hands come up and started grabbing at my boobs. That was all the encouragement i needed. I got off him and turned around facing him, i slid the bikini top cups off my boobs and put them to his mouth. He worked on my nipples really well, then i felt his hand moving up my leg until he found my now very wet pussy. He had HUGE hands and fingers and when he started to finger fuck me i knew id not last too long, he had 2 fingers in me, pounding at my pussy, i felt my orgasm approach and i screamed out in pleasure as my pussy gushed its approval. My legs went weak and i dropped to the floor, he now had a huge smile on his face and a new sense of confidence. He unzipped his shorts and pulled his very fat cock out, he was stroking his cock looking at me. I knelt up and grabbed his cock, i started to wank him, then lowered my head to his cock, i took him in my mouth, i was able to deep throat him much to his verbal delight. He had hold of the back of my head and was fucking my throat frantically. I pulled my head away, i wanted to get fucked, i pulled the bikini bottoms to the side and straddled his cock, sliding down the shaft until he was deep inside me. He was playing with my tits and ass as i rode him, i could feel another orgasm approaching and by his heavy breathing i knew he wasnt far off either, i rode as hard as i could, his thrust meeting my grind and i felt him erupt inside me, i was quite there so i kept grinding but now rubbing on my clit at the same time, he was still hard and i managed to get my orgasm, i fell into him and we just sat there, his cock slowly shrinking inside me until it finally popped out, a flow of cum following it out.

I finally got off him and adjusted the bikini, i stood there, looked at him and said “so its the bikini and not my roommate that gets you hard” he just laughed. I kissed him and told him to leave as roommate would be home soon.

It was quite the fun and unexpected evening and one that was never repeated, we only ever had the 1 night!


Cruise Ship Crew!!

If your reading this and you work on a ship or used to work on ships, id love to hear from you!! Im very passionate about my time at sea.

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Are those my panties your cumming in?

So i think iv made it pretty clear how small the crew cabins were! Not a whole lot of privacy to be had. This is amplified if you are dating someone and they spend time in your cabin with you and your roommate. Trying to get privacy can be difficult as you dont want to kick them out everytime you want a fuck, but you also dont want to not be able to fuck! I always seemed to strike roommate gold, they were either pretty wild or were dating someone on board who had their own cabin which meant they were rarely in their own cabin allowing me more freedom.

One not so private encounter always puts a naughty smile on my face! I was pretty much living with my now hubby in his cabin, it was great because the bottom bunk was a double bed! It was that little luxury that made a contract! We werent technically living together but for the most part he either wasnt assigned a roommate or ones he had were in their partners rooms, so again some privacy. Then one cruise came by and he got a roommate for a few weeks, hubby knew the guy and he was only on board for a few weeks so it wasnt going to be too bad. He was a nice guy and we got along well. Id carry on staying in the room and we had a few little interesting moments where id be just out of the shower in a towel and he was on his bunk, i could feel his eyes on me, i guess hoping to spot my towel slip! I didnt really think anything of it as he never really gave any indication he was interested, but as he was a friend of hubbys and not aware of our lifestyle i guessed he wouldnt try anything.

I was doing my laundry one morning and noticed that the gstring id worn for the show the night before wasnt in my laundry bag, i was sure id put it in there after my shower that night. I didnt think much of it and went about my day.

I had told my hubby and roommate that i was heading out for the afternoon in port to get some sun and id be back late afternoon. Hubby had a pretty busy afternoon so i headed out alone.

I was about 45mins into my day and i realised id left my money back on the ship, so i headed back and figured id just stay on board for the afternoon. I got back to the cabin and was a bit sweaty so jumped in the shower. No more than a few minutes after id shut the shower off i heard the cabin door go, i thought nothing of it and carried on drying off. My clothes were in the cabin, i couldnt hear anyone in there but wrapped my towel around me just incase and walked into the cabin….. well of all the things i wasnt expecting was the roommate to be naked on the top bunk with a pair of my gstring wrapped around his cock as he wanked off!! He still hadnt spotted me so i did an awkward throat clear and he freaked the fuck out! He tried in vein to cover himself and close the curtain to his bunk.

I confidently approached the bed and stood on the lower bunk so i was almost eye level with him. He was bright red and frantically apologising to me, his hands covering his still hard cock.

I asked him if he was having fun with my panties. He didnt know what to do. I knew i had the upper hand and i could feel my pussy getting very wet, so i thought fuck it im going to have some fun. I told him to give me my gstring, he did. I got off the bed and turned my back to him. I dropped my towel to the floor and put the gstring on, i could feel his dry cum in it, i guess he had used it already. I turned around to face him, my nipples hard and proud and said “it looks better on me right”?

He just sat there staring at me, i could tell he wasnt sure what to do. I told him to come lay down on the bottom bunk. He quickly moved to that bunk, i straddled his face facing his cock, he pulled me to his mouth and i could feel his breath on my pussy, he pulled the panties to one side and rammed his tongue into my now very wet pussy. I was loving it and moved to his cock, i took it in my mouth and began sucking him. I could tell he wasnt going to last long, i went to town on his cock, taking it deep in my throat. I felt him start to cum and he forced his cock deep, the cum going straight down my throat making me gag like crazy on his cock. I swallowed it all and got off him and finished getting dressed, i kept the dirty gstring on for the rest of the day.

He was a nervous wreck around me the days after that, when hubby was in cabin he would leave, it worked well for fucking hubby! Later that week hubby and i had gone to the nightclub but i wasnt really feeling in the mood so i left him with the boys and headed to the cabin, i was a little tipsy and was quite horny so i thought id have some fun with the roommate. I got in the cabin and double locked the door, his curtains were closed, i went in my draw and got one of my dildos out, i sat on the edge of the desk facing the bed with one leg up, legs wide open and began toying my pussy, i was moaning and groaning and he eventually had a peak, his eyes nearly popped out. I waved him down, he got in front of me and started licking my clit and he took over on the toy, it felt great, but now i wanted fucking. I pushed him off me and i turned around and bent over the desk, pulling my dress up. I told him i wanted to be fucked. He wasted no time, his pants were off and he was probing around the entrance of my pussy, he slid it in and instantly went very hard at my pussy, his hands were grabbing at my nipples, roughly teasing them, he was grabbing my hair and pulling, whispering into my ear how bad i am, i was loving it!

He told me he was going to take my ass, i loved just being told, i pulled out of my pussy and slapped my ass crazy hard, as i was whimpering he slid his cock into my ass and continued his onslaught of my holes. I was very impressed! I felt him twitch as he unloaded into my ass. This time he pulled out and climbed back up to his bed, closed the curtain and turned his light off, i just stood there bent over cum leaking out of my ass! I was very impressed and determined to try and get more!! I told hubby about it when he got home as he fucked me, he was loving it and gave his permission for me to keep being naughty.

Unfortunately nothing else happened due to the timing not being right and it was his last night on board. We had all been in the crew bar drinking and hubby and i headed back to the cabin, pretty drunk. Roommate wasnt there and i was horny as hell so i got naked and hubby was sat on the chair, i was on my knees sucking his cock, i thought id locked the door, but it swung open and in walk roommate, he tried to apologize and leave but i stand up, cock still in mouth and open my pussy to him. He doesnt need asking twice, he got behind me and started eating my pussy and ass as i sucked hubbys cock. Then i felt him stand behind me and his cock ease into me, he was fucking me less aggressively, presumably because hubby was there, but i came never the less and was quickly followed by hubby filling my mouth and roommate filling my pussy.

I stood up and went to shower, by the time i got out, both were asleep!

I woke up the next day and roommate was gone, he had signed off early!

Great fun and memories were made and roommate remains a good friend even today! I look forward to riding his cock again one day!!


Creampie Finale

All the sex aside, my actual purpose for being on the ship was to dance! We had a great variety of shows across the fleet that were always a good challenge. On this particular ship, along with the main shows we had a show that was part production cast and part just a singer. The dancers would be involved in the start of the show and then rest and come on again for the finale. There was a good 15mins where we would sit and do nothing.

During the first section of performance I had an entrance from the audience where i would walk to the stage down some beautiful marble stairs in an amazing dress. But to get there from back stage i had to climb a big vertical ladder that took my past the auto tech sat on a perch like treehouse on the side of the stage, he was a good floor above the stage and fairly well hidden. I knew the tech pretty well and as i would dash up the ladder past him in my g-String and sports bar he would always give me a little wolf whistle. It was fun and playful.

I was feeling a little playful one week and as I got out of sight of the stage and just before the tech could see me, i lifted my sports bra freeing my boobs! as i got to his level i shook them at him and he looked back with his jaw hitting the ground! i gave him a quick wink and shock my ass as i climbed out of sight. It was pretty harmless i thought and didn’t really give it much more thought. So the next week i thought ah hell ill do it again, so once more, once out of sight the boobs were freed and I got to his eye level and this time he made my jaw drop, i paused at his level, boobs out and looked on as he sat there, rock hard cock In hand and gave me a wink! i was gobsmacked! A music cue jolted me back into the moment and i had o make a quick dash to get into my costume so that i didn’t miss my cue!! The whole rest of the opening i couldn’t get his cock out of my mind! he was a pretty shy guy so i just wasn’t expecting it!

We got to the 15mins of down time in the show and i put on a pair of very short shorts and a vest top and decided to climb up and see my fellow flasher. When i got up there he was pretty embarrassed, i could tell he wasn’t sure if i was pissed off at him. So to ease his mind i took my arms out of my vest and lowered it showing off my boobs. he smiled at me! the tension now gone, i kissed him. His hands went straight to my boobs, teasing my nipples. i felt his rock hard cock through his pants, he wasn’t the longest id seen but his cock was super thick. I broke off the kiss and had a look down to the stage, no one was aware so i took his cock out of his pants and began to stoke it. I leaned in and took it in my mouth, the thickness making it a fun challenge. I gave him my very best and it was long before was holding my head tightly and pumping shot after shot of hot cum right down my throat. I pulled away and gave him a wink as i cleaned up the bits of cum that had managed to get out of my mouth. He sat there in disbelief. The time was nearly up and i needed to get into costume, i stood up, he grabbed me and pulled me to him and gave both of my nipples a very sloppyy send off. I climbed back down the ladder and did the rest of the show, my pussy was tingling, it needed some love. But i wanted to keep my time with him private and risky!!so that night just to ease my building tension i got dressed up and found a willing guest who eased some of the tension in me.

Fast forward a week and its show day again, I get to the ladder part and again free my boobs and I’m again greeted by a hard cock, this time i pause at his level briefly and take his cock in my mouth, before running up to make my cue. The 15 min break arrives and this time i put a skirt and vest top on. I get up to him and he already has his cock out. I give it a little stroke and then i shock him again, i pull my G-String off and facing away from him i sit on his lap, i tease his cock on my pussy lips a bit, he starts kissing my neck while grabbing at my boobs through my vest. I stand up slightly and line his cock up and then slowly sit down lidding his fat cock into my very wet and willing pussy. I’m grinding my hips and he is lifting my hips just enough to slam a little bit into me, I’m now totally lost in the moment. The risk level was huge. I could feel my orgasm building, i had to cover my mouth to avoid screaming out. I came hard and as i was cumming, i felt him unload inside me. I suddenly remembered just how much cum he had shot down my throat, it felt like he was filling every little bit of my insides. I just sat there, his now limp cock starting slip out of my well used pussy. Then again a cue in the music jolted me back to reality, shit shit shit i hd like 3 mins until was due on stage, i pulled my Gstring up and kissed him and darted down the ladder, i could feel the cum was leaking out of me, but i had no time to clean up. My finale costume was a pair of hotpants and vest top, so fingers crossed between the g-string and hotpants i could get through the finale without leaking on stage! it was such a nerve wracking 8 mins! ever kick, every lift, i could feel the cum trying to get out. I managed to hold it together and instead of the dressing rooms post show i headed to my cabin, i pulled the hot pants down and the inside of them as coated in dry cum, my g-string was a dry cum mess and went straight into the bin! I got in the shower with a dildo and fucked myself, cum leaking out of me the whole time. he really did make a mess in me! and as nervous as the finale was, it was also so exciting!

I made it a regular thing after that, he would fuck me and cum in me and id do the finale with a creampie, that went on for a good 12 weeks. I only ever fucked him once outside of the show! That was a very drunken crew party and i bumped into him by the dressing rooms and i was horny so dragged him in them and we fucked. He asked if i like anal and said he had never done it so i bent over and let him shove that big fat cock up my ass and he went on to fill my ass with cum!